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Profile: Sovereignty, Identity and Freedoms ( SIEL , formerly Sovereignty, Independence and Freedoms )

1- Name of NGO:

Sovereignty, Identity and Freedoms ( SIEL , formerly Sovereignty, Independence and Freedoms )

2- Brief & Mission:

Sovereignty, Identity and Freedoms ( SIEL , formerly Sovereignty, Independence and Freedoms ) is a sovereigntist political party  , founded at the end of 2011 by Paul-Marie Costeaux . A member of the Rassemblement bleu Marine from its creation to 2016, SIEL was then the main ally of the National Front, of which it was a “satellite party. SIEL positions itself as a nationalist and conservative party that focuses on promoting national sovereignty, independence, and liberties in France. Party believes the massive presence of populations of Muslim culture on French territory makes their assimilation increasingly impractical and promotes the emergence of a counter-society with lifestyles radically foreign to our secular traditions.

3- Bias, Agenda & Motivation:

SIEL has been associated with a nationalist bias and has expressed concerns about immigration. SIEL’s agenda generally revolves around nationalist policies, emphasizing the importance of national identity, sovereignty, and the preservation of French cultural heritage. It has expressed concerns about the impact of immigration on French society.

Party thinks Muslim faith cannot be solely limited to the personal beliefs of its followers. By rejecting any process of cultural assimilation, the model of Islamic civilization contradicts the fundamental principles that underpin European thought, such as the dignity of every individual, gender equality, freedom of conscience, and the separation of religion and public life. Political Islam is therefore not soluble in the Republic. It must therefore be placed under permanent supervision. closure of Muslim places of worship and immediate expulsion of preachers and their families to their countries of origin. Definitive prohibition of the direct or indirect financing of the Muslim faith by foreign powers. France is of Christian civilization and our traditions, which simultaneously embody our model of society, our mores, our rules of life and our history, have every right to endure without ever being altered by other cultures, especially when these are shown to be incompatible with the Republic!

4- Links to Governments/Political Agenda:

The movement formed an alliance with the National Front during the legislative elections of 2012, then presented 34 candidates supported by the FN. Partisan of a union of sovereigntist rights to the National Front, SIEL is the announced co-organizer of “Assises for the refoundation of the right”, from 5 toOctober 7, 2012 in Dourdan ( Essonne ), with a view to preparing union lists for the 2014 municipal elections. In 2014, the party split, with the launch of an organization of young sovereignists. The “SIEL Youth ” launch forum took place onJune 21, 2014, in Paris.

5- Sources of Funding:

SIEL’s sources of funding typically rely on public subsidies, donations from supporters, and membership fees.

6- Activities:

SIEL engages in various political activities, including participation in elections, public campaigns, and policy advocacy. The group has engaged in controversial activities, such as in 2018 Party officials said Ramadan supermarkets contribute to the Islamization of France. The party emphasized prohibition in the public space of all conspicuous signs and identity markers of the Muslim faith (sharia, etc.) and prohibition of demonstrations, parties and associations contrary to the founding values ​​of the Republic and French Culture. According to party president who do not comply with this differentiated treatment of Islam in France would be peacefully invited to leave French territory, 

7- NGO Leadership:

Karim Ouchikh  is elected president of the Party.

8- Controversy:

SIEL has faced criticism and controversy regarding its stance on immigration and its impact on Muslim communities. SIEL has plans to develop and promote a national political action program, which will be shared with the public in the form of a “soap opera.” Additionally, the party intends to organize public demonstrations on topics that are central to its agenda, including the identity of France, the Islamization of Europe, and the preservation of its cultural foundation. 

9- Contact Details:

  • Website: http://www.siel-souverainete.fr/
  • Address: France
  • Email: contact@siel-souverainete.fr

10- Classification/Blacklist:

There is no widely recognized or official classification or blacklist specifically targeting SIEL.

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