The Clinton Foundation

Profile: The Clinton Foundation

1- Name of NGO:

The Clinton Foundation

2- Brief & Mission:

The Clinton Foundation, initially founded in 2001 as the William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation and later renamed in 2013 as the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, is a nonprofit organization. It was created by former U.S. President Bill Clinton, with the declared objective of “enhancing the capabilities of individuals in the United States and worldwide to address the complexities of global interdependence.” The foundation has its headquarters in New York City and another location in Little Rock, Arkansas.

It has come to light that the Saudi government has contributed financial support to what is now recognized as the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

3- Bias, Agenda & Motivation:


Numerous influential nonprofit organizations in Washington have depended on financial support from the Saudi government. Think tanks that provide advice to lawmakers on foreign policy, for instance, have received contributions from Saudi Arabia and other foreign governments. Some entities affiliated with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia actively participate in policy discussions. In December 2008, the foundation disclosed a lengthy list of donors, which included politically sensitive contributors like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This has led to allegations that the foundation may have engaged in activities aimed at safeguarding Saudi interests in the United States, possibly implying a level of cooperation between the two entities.

4- Links to Governments/Political Agenda:

The Foundation’s association with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has attracted significant attention, especially concerning its active engagement in initiatives carried out on behalf of the KSA government. This highlights the crucial role that the Foundation plays in advancing political goals through its partnership with the KSA government. These dynamics underscore the enduring relationships that the Foundation has cultivated with the leadership of KSA, highlighting the firm’s active involvement in political endeavors within the country.

5- Sources of Funding:

The foundation has faced criticism for accepting donations from Middle-Eastern countries with practices that are perceived as oppressive to women, such as stoning for adultery, restrictions on women driving, and the requirement of a male guardian, among others. Notably, Saudi Arabia stands out in this regard, having donated an amount ranging from $10 million to $25 million to the foundation.

6- Activities:

Over the years, Saudi Arabia has enlisted the services of various law and lobbying firms to shape American public opinion and policy. The Kingdom’s interests in the region encompass countering the ascent of Shiite influence, motivated by sectarian considerations. Saudi Arabia’s relationship with Washington is multifaceted and often strained. On one hand, it is perceived as a critical deterrent against Iranian assertiveness in the broader region. Simultaneously, it has been a partner in the collective effort to combat terrorism in the Persian Gulf and the wider Middle East. Therefore, Saudi funding to the Clinton Foundation is unlikely to be without some underlying interests, suggesting that Saudi Arabia may have sought certain advantages through its contributions.

7- NGO Leadership:

Chelsea Clinton, DPhil, MPH, has served as the Vice Chair of the Board since 2011. The Chief Executive Officer is Ragina Arrington.

8- Controversy:

The donation made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to the foundation raises concerns about the potential utilization of Targeted Victory officials as conduits for KSA foreign policy objectives. This also gives rise to questions regarding whether this affiliation could have influenced the composition of panels and discussions involving Gulf nations, potentially impacting the discourse and policies related to the region.

9- Contact Details:

  • Website:www.clintonfoundation.or
  • Address:USA
  • Email: 

10- Classification/Blacklist:

The foundation’s acceptance of donations from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has undeniably stirred significant controversy, primarily stemming from its partnership with an autocratic regime notorious for extensive human rights violations. This association has come under intense scrutiny, resulting in the foundation being placed on a watchlist of organizations closely monitored due to their ties to the KSA government.

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