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Profile: The International Movement for Peace and Coexistence (IMPAC) 

1- Name of NGO:

The International Movement for Peace and Coexistence (IMPAC) 

2- Brief & Mission:

IMPAC is an international not-for-profit based in Brussels, dedicated to promoting peace, coexistence, and positive perceptions of the United Arab Emirates by whitewashing its human rights and environmental records. Its mission is to allegedly highlight the UAE’s efforts in various areas such as human rights, climate protection, peacebuilding, tolerance, and education, However, in reality the UAE’s has a bleak record in all of these areas.

3- Bias, Agenda & Motivation:

IMPAC has been accused of having a pro-UAE bias in its publications and reports. Critics argue that the organization tends to portray a positive image of the UAE while downplaying or ignoring certain human rights concerns or other issues that may tarnish the country’s reputation.IMPAC’s agenda revolves around shaping a favorable narrative about the UAE, emphasizing its progress and achievements. The organization aims to counter negative perceptions and promote the UAE as a leader in various fields.

4- Links to Governments/Political Agenda:

The organization has no direct links to UAE’s government but from the backdoor it is totally backed by the UAE regime to promote their national interest in Europe. 

5- Sources of Funding:

The NGO’s sources of funding are unclear. However, one can easily observe that IMPAC allegedly receives substantial funding from UAE-based sources, including government entities, private donors, and corporations. These financial contributions enable the organization to carry out its activities and disseminate its message.

6- Activities:

IMPAC engages in various activities to fulfill its mission, including publishing reports, articles, and studies that highlight the UAE’s false accomplishments in areas such as human rights, climate protection, peace initiatives, tolerance promotion, and education development. It may also organize events, conferences, and campaigns to raise awareness and shape public opinion about the Fake image of UAE. The International Movement for Peace and Coexistence (IMPAC) is allegedly praising a report produced by a coalition of 53 NGOs concerned with monitoring human rights conditions, the UAE has made significant progress in promoting and protecting human rights in recent years, and that these advances have significant implications for the wider Middle East region. However, the UAE has not made any significant progress in Protecting human rights and to cope with Climate change.

7- NGO Leadership:

Not found, NGO’s website not working

8- Controversy:

IMPAC promotes misleadings to portray UAE’s positive image. Such as, UAE’s impressive achievements in achieving climate justice and central role in hosting the COP28 Climate Change conference in November/December 2023. There have been allegations that IMPAC’s activities are aimed at promoting the interests of the UAE government and whitewashing certain concerns or criticisms related to the country’s human rights record or other issues. These allegations have sparked debates and discussions about the organization’s credibility and objectivity.

9- Contact Details:

  • Address: Brussels
  • Email:

10- Classification/Blacklist:


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