The laughable levities of Algiers: sponsoring football in Palestine

While more than two million Gazans are caught in the grip of the Israeli operation “Iron Sword” and they face a total blockade and intense bombardments which have left more than 2,000 dead and nearly around ten thousand wounded, the regime of the capos of Algiers, impassive, hides in complicit silence.

Also, faced with this unprecedented ethnic cleansing, Algiers did not find anything better, probably for fear of re-triggering the Hirak, than to ban any form of public demonstration in favor of Palestine while numerous marches and imposing rallies are taking place. all over the world.

Indeed, from New York to Athens via Tokyo, Jakarta, Baghdad, Rabat, Amman, Cairo…, demonstrators took to the streets by the thousands, to shout their support for Palestine, reject these blind and bloody reprisals and demand warlike de-escalation. Algiers sides with the Westerners who are giving Netanyahu a free hand in the eradication of Hamas when in reality it is a war against the Palestinians, not to say ethnic cleansing which is envisaged by the extreme government. right of Israel.

Worse, to stem popular discontent in the face of the guilty silence of the leaders of Al Mouradia, Algiers announced, enough to leave the Algerians in silence, that it will henceforth sponsor the organization of Palestinian football matches. Sic! Another laughable lightness to put on the slate of the two local seniles. So we imagine there is a rush on the Algerian web to denounce this charade of “one, two, three, long live Palestine”.

Even in the football stadiums in Algeria there was no mistake and the public brandished slogans hostile to the attitude of power in Algeria and the silence by which it shines so ridiculously. We don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Indeed, Palestine and the Gazan people who are dying of hunger and thirst under the Israeli siege are not waiting for the Algiers regime to organize football matches for Palestine, but rather for explicit and tangible support on the ground, the real one, not the propaganda game.

Algiers of this “sponsorship of the organization of Palestinian football matches” only wants to free itself from a political and diplomatic absence, inside and outside.

The senile regime of Algiers, with its “move around, there is nothing to see”, no longer knows who to support, the Palestinians, Hamas, Iran or Hezbollah which has opened a front in the north of the Gaza Strip.

The “Palestinian cause” which he made the main asset of his propaganda to justify his unfailing support for the Sahrawi separatists (a billion dollars per year, at least) and to contain the fury of the Algerians, seems to have suddenly “disappeared”. Algiers, which copies and pastes everything the Kingdom does, should be inspired by the freedom of the Moroccan people to express themselves and demonstrate in the streets.

There is no shortage of pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Morocco, with or without, before and after the reestablishment of relations with the Jewish state. The Moroccan, no offense to Algiers, has no lessons to learn, smoker or not, movie buff or not, he knows things about the sacredness of the cause of Palestine. It’s by birth.

On the other hand, the lack of responsiveness of Algiers in this context, ready to question the primary national cause of Algeria, “Palestine”. What remains of the declarations and other promises of the poorly elected Algerian president who says he takes the Palestinian issue to heart? An offside validated by the VAR interposed and goal disallowed.

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