Tourcoing Unites: Darmanin and Borne Supporters Rally

Gérald Darmanin brings together his supporters in his northern stronghold on Sunday, a claimed “popular” party to which Élisabeth Borne was invited in extremis.
The tenant of Place Beauvau took the entire political class by surprise by posting his interest in the next presidential election at the beginning of the month. “The fact is that in (four) years, a victory for Madame Le Pen is quite likely. Faced with this, we will only need one or one candidate”, he launched Thursday, accusing in passing the majority of not listening enough to the “working classes”.

The day before, Elisabeth Borne had pointed out to him that “2027 is a long way off”, yet another manifestation of annoyance from the one who comes from the left towards the former LR executive. By making the trip to Tourcoing, the head of government is thus trying to soften the secessionist desires of Gérald Darmanin. “She goes there to call on each other for unity”, underlines one of her relatives. At the risk of giving the impression of dubbing it? “He sees his presence as a sign of recognition of the debate of ideas he has launched”, in any case hastened to let the minister’s entourage know.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, in the middle of his party’s summer university, also took the time to comment: “Élisabeth Borne assumes the centrality of Gérald Darmanin. In Tourcoing, the after Macron has begun, ”he said on the social network X. “It’s the end of the Renaissance”, the Macronist party, observed the leader of the Socialist Party Olivier Faure. “I have always said it, it will bring together the right and the far right”, he added before predicting: “they will devour each other, it will be bloody”.

Sausage-fries-beer to make it “popular”

The event has already garnered a hundred positive returns from parliamentarians, while a dozen members of the government are also due to make the trip, including the Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt. At the MoDem of François Bayrou, who has little taste for his strategy, only the deputy Philippe Vigier should be present.

Basically, between the sausage-fries-beer stands, three themes must be addressed in Tourcoing: work, ecology and authority. The speech of the man who had joined Emmanuel Macron the day after his victory in 2017 therefore intends to address the “working classes”, like Nicolas Sarkozy during his conquest of the Elysée Palace more than fifteen years ago. The political mentor, never denied, has also given him strong support in his latest book.

But Gérald Darmanin also knows how to be iconoclastic: he regularly quotes the Insoumis François Ruffin, champion of social issues, or the boss of the PCF, Fabien Roussel. The two, however, protested this attempt at association.

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