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Unmasking the UAE’s Propaganda Machinery: The Dubious Role of Mustafa Qadri and Equidem Research

In the world of information and influence, the UAE’s network of propagandists and PR experts is expanding, with Mustafa Qadri, the Founder and Executive Director of Equidem Research and Consulting, joining the ranks. While Qadri portrays himself as a champion of human rights and labor rights, the truth reveals a different story. This article delves into the intricate web of UAE’s orchestrated campaigns against Qatar, using Qadri as a front to further their agendas. 

A Capitalist Front for UAE’s Goals

Mustafa Qadri’s self-proclaimed identity as a human rights activist is far from reality. Disguised as a defender of human rights, he strategically aligns with the Sheikhs of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, amassing financial gains while attacking Qatar and UAE’s rivals. The UK Companies House Record exposes his fraudulent and tax evasion activities, currently facing legal actions for financial crimes against Clydesdale Bank in Scotland.

Equidem’s Role in Anti-Qatar Campaign

Recent media reports unveiled yet another anti-Qatar campaign aimed at undermining the World Cup 2022 and Qatar’s reforms. Equidem Research and Consulting Ltd emerges as a recipient of significant funds from the UAE, with a clear mandate to wage propaganda campaigns against Qatar. Mustafa Qadri’s workshops for local NGOs in the UAE served as a façade for furthering UAE’s interests.

Transformation from Rights Defender to UAE’s Tool

Qadri’s trajectory from a genuine human rights advocate to an Emirati propaganda tool is evident. A Google search reveals that his early work focused on human rights abuses across nations. However, post-2016, he emerged as a vocal critic of Qatar, while turning a blind eye to UAE’s own issues, such as the exploitation of migrant workers and daily deaths in construction fields.

Selective Criticism and Political Motives

Equidem’s sponsorship agreements with UAE-funded organizations, including Humanity United Foundation, raise suspicions. Documents expose UAE’s financial contributions to publish fabricated articles against Doha. The UAE’s strategy of media incitement against Qatar, particularly concerning the World Cup 2022, becomes evident through these contracts.

Financing of UAE’s Propaganda

Humanity United’s ties to UAE investments in Abu Dhabi and organized funding for anti-Qatar campaigns become clear. Qadri’s collaboration with Emirati institutions, including projects aimed at improving workers’ rights, underscores UAE’s involvement in his activities. This well-financed partnership supports UAE’s intentions to tarnish Qatar’s image.

Opaque Financial Operations

Equidem Research and Consulting Ltd’s financial operations raise eyebrows. Despite portraying a charitable façade, the company operates as a profit-oriented entity. Its virtual address, sole director, and lack of employees raise questions about its legitimacy. Suspicious financial activities, including money laundering and cash injections from Qadri, suggest UAE’s financial influence.

Court Charges and Qadri’s Dubious Past

Qadri’s involvement in fraudulent loan activities and financial misconduct is revealed through court documents. His history of fraudulent real estate loans and unpaid debts highlights his questionable character. His affiliation with UAE’s propaganda campaigns casts further doubt on his intentions.

The Silence on Human Rights Abuses

Equidem’s alarming silence on human rights abuses in countries like Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman, where Asian migrant workers face discrimination, exposes its selective agenda. Qadri’s criticism of one country while ignoring others points to political motives. The organization’s Twitter analysis reveals a bias against Qatar while disregarding human rights violations elsewhere.

The UAE’s complex propaganda machinery employs Mustafa Qadri and Equidem Research and Consulting to further its agendas. Qadri’s transformation from a rights advocate to an instrument of UAE’s objectives is a cautionary tale of manipulation. As the UAE orchestrates campaigns against Qatar, it employs individuals and organizations like Qadri and Equidem, raising concerns about transparency, accountability, and the ethics of information dissemination.

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