Wednesday Morning News: Mediterranean Flames & New Caledonia

New Caledonia: Macron for a “revision of the Constitution” in early 2024. President Emmanuel Macron said he wanted “early 2024” a “revision of the Constitution” for New Caledonia, referring in particular to the thawing of the electorate in the short term thanks to a “new status”, Wednesday during a speech in Noumea. “I ask you to start working to bring about full and complete citizenship based on a social contract, made up of duties and rights […] of belonging to the Caillou”, detailed the Head of State, explaining to want to build this “new status” in “the months, the quarters which come” and “in the consensus”.

A lawsuit for conflicts of interest? Dupond-Moretti set Friday. Will the Keeper of the Seals be tried soon? The Court of Cassation will say on Friday if it confirms the dismissal of Eric Dupond-Moretti for illegal taking of interest or if it returns, as the minister claims, the file to the investigating magistrates because of irregularities. The plenary assembly of the highest French judicial court, its most solemn formation, debated on July 7 the eight appeals of Eric Dupond-Moretti against his referral to the Court of Justice of the Republic (CJR).

Cargo ship on fire off the Netherlands: at least one dead and several injured. A fire that broke out early Wednesday off the Netherlands on a freighter carrying cars left at least one crew member dead and several injured, the coast guard said. “The crew attempted to extinguish the fire themselves but failed. Unfortunately, one person died and several others were injured,” they said in a statement, adding that the Fremantle Highway was still on fire, about thirty kilometers north of the Dutch island of Ameland.

In China, the Minister of Foreign Affairs reappears and is landed. China has still not given an explanation for the resounding dismissal the day before of its now ex-foreign minister, Qin Gang, already deleted from the website of his former supervisory ministry. Appointed at the end of December 2022, Qin Gang has not made a public appearance for more than a month and was formally relieved of his duties by parliament on Tuesday, after just over 200 days in office.

Farage case: the general manager of the NatWest bank resigns. The chief executive of the British banking group NatWest Alison Rose resigned “with immediate effect” on Wednesday, after having admitted the day before a “serious error of judgment” in discussing with a journalist the banking affairs of the Europhobe Nigel Farage, including the closure of accounts is controversial in the UK.

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The Mediterranean region in flames. Crushed by scorching temperatures, several countries in the Mediterranean basin are facing violent fires. At least five people have died in Italy in violent thunderstorms in the north and fires in Sicily, which could prompt the government to declare a state of emergency in the most affected regions. In France, firefighters fought all night against a virulent fire fanned by strong winds and threatening three villages in Haute-Corse, a few kilometers from L’Ile-Rousse, before seeing the situation improve on Wednesday morning against the disaster, which caused no casualties. In Algeria, firefighters continued their efforts last night to put an end to 11 fires that ravaged the northeast, after having managed to control the majority of the fires which killed at least 34 people in three days. Follow our live.

JDD: Lagardère opens the door to journalists on strike. Towards a departure counter at the JDD? Arnaud Lagardère, boss of the group of the same name which owns the newspaper, raised this possibility in the face of the editorial strike, opposed to the appointment of a director marked on the far right. The management of Lagardère is in conflict with the editorial staff of the Sunday newspaper, which has just entered its second month of strike and renewed its movement on Tuesday to protest against the arrival at its head on August 1 of Geoffroy Lejeune (ex -Current values).

The interview

Frank Lanoux: “The media must defend their values to remain quality labels”. Author of a “Dictionary in love with radio”, the former director of RMC looks with optimism at the power of adaptation of this medium, in a landscape where there is nevertheless a confusion of content and media. Read our interview.

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“I have never known such a hostile climate”: in Marseille, the police in a state of arrest. Since the detention of a BAC agent in Marseille on Thursday, the city has been affected by a massive movement of police officers refusing to work. The sling, which extends to the national level, reflects a deep and ancient malaise in the profession. Read our report.


2024 Olympics in Paris: 365 days and 6 challenges. One year before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, “Libé” takes stock of the six challenges that must be met by the organization of an event sold as a great popular celebration, respectful of the environment and inexpensive. Read our article.

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Isabelle Carré and Delphine Saubaber, the combatants of writing. The actress and journalist lead writing workshops to give children and adolescents the ability to put their thoughts into words. Read the picture.

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